Powerful Data Enrichment

With accurate and rich data analysis, you gain the full picture of total spend, that helps your business connect and engage with hotels.

From Rich, to Richer

The Conferma Pay Snap+ data enrichment solution starts by collecting the hotel invoices for each Conferma Pay transaction. We then verify the information is correct and match the amount, date, and line item breakdown to the transaction it belongs to. Enriched data is then presented in detailed reports within Conferma Pay Snap.

Powerful Invoice Collection

As members of the Conferma Pay Connect network, over 50,000 hotels globally are able to actively update their communication preference ensuring we always have the correct contact to collect invoices. This makes the Conferma Pay Snap+ service uniquely positioned to be highly effective at getting to the right data quickly.

Augment Your Data

Make more informed decisions and manage supplier relationships with an effective data enrichment process.