Track any transactions made

Conferma Pay Snap is a reconciliation and reporting services that gives a complete audit trail of corporate spend.

Total trip cost

Get a complete audit trail of corporate spend. Hotel, air, ground transportation, rail and incidental spend, all your booking and transaction data in one place.

Automated expense reports

You no longer need to chase receipts, expense submissions or complete lengthy expense reports. Conferma Pay Snap automates your expense reports giving you full visibility of each trip spend component, purpose and cost.

Data enhancement

Introduce powerful receipt recovery, tax reclaim process and invoice chasing enabled by supplier matching.


How it works

Payment data is the transaction data provided by your own bank, while purchase data is the rich data that a virtual card carries throughout the lifecycle of a purchase. Since each virtual card number is in effect a unique purchase identifier, this allows Conferma Pay Snap to automatically reconcile both types of data.

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