The Pocket Guide to Virtual Payment

Looking for an easy guide to the interconnected world of virtual payments? 

You’re in the right place. 

The Pocket Guide to Virtual Payment is a business book series created by Festive Road and Conferma Pay to dispel all confusion around the existence, use and benefits of virtual cards for travel buyers.

The Conferma Pay Ecosystem

All Conferma Pay products are available from your trusted suppliers and banks you already use, straight into the existing booking workflow.

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The Invisible Bank of the Employee​

Reimbursement is an issue. Employees around the world are effectively lending their employers millions every month through expenses, leading to a feeling they are, at times, acting as a bank to their own employer.

According to research Conferma Pay conducted in 2018, over 38% of employees in the UK and US use their own money to pay for work-related expenses at least once per month. The average individual expense claim is £72.20 and $110.90 respectively.

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