Power to Innovate

Embed virtual payments into your platform.

Power to Innovate.

Embed virtual payments into your platform.

Go cashless. Pay on-the-go, in-app or online with the Conferma Pay app.

Control & Pay

Make supplier payments flexible, more controlled and secure with unique virtual cards for each company purchase.

Report & Reconcile

Sync and capture spend made on booking platforms, desktop or mobile, with near-real-time visibility of all virtual payment activity. Automatically reconcile purchasing and transaction data from over 45 banks and 100 purchasing platforms.

Data Enrichment

Get hotel invoices and folio collected with Conferma Pay Snap+, see the amount, date, and line item breakdown to tax level matched to each transaction.

Payment Intelligence

Conferma Pay BI is an intelligent decision rule engine built to help TMCs configure payment decisions applied at booking level.


API, Email, Fax? All hotels are different. With Conferma Pay Connect hotels set a preferred communication payment method that works best for their specific process.

Payment Processing

Straight Through Processing is a next generation supplier matching process designed for hotel payments that posts funds directly into their account without the need for involvement at the front desk.

Data Enrichment

Conferma Pay Snap+ is an efficient document recovery enabled by supplier matching.