The Best Way to Manage Supplier Payments

Make supplier payments flexible, more controlled and secure.


Use unique virtual cards for T&E, automotive insurance, tax, marketing spend, etc. Make payments to your suppliers using specific transaction dates and values.


Choose or pre-approve the spend amount, type or date range on each card. Create secure virtual cards that anyone you work with can use for purchase.


Traditional payments are not suited to the way we work today. Virtual cards allow you to Increase Days Payable Outstanding, while reducing Days Sales Outstanding.

Optimizing Payment

Simple Process

Anyone authorised can now make a company purchase. Create a virtual card with a unique 13, 15 or 16 number, a validity period and a CVV. The card details are used to complete purchase check out.

Complete Control

Each card is unique to the individual purchase, therefore not valid for anything else. Apply controls such as spend amount, type, date and job title.

Richer data

Monitor spend and make better-informed decisions about supplier management and patterns with added customised data such as cost centre, employee number or project code to each virtual card.

Pick a Bank, Any Bank

Conferma Pay Online is available from the banks and card networks you already use. We partner with over 45 card issuers globally.

Beyond Plastic

The Old Way: You give corporate cards to everyone or expect them to cover their own expenses.
The New Way: Create secure virtual cards that anyone you work with can use for purchases that you control.

  • Create unique virtual cards for any purchase
  • Add layers of control for secure and safe payments
  • Cut unnecessary costs from traditional methods
  • Gain central visibility of rich corporate spend data
  • Manage one consistent, global process
  • Remove expense process and paper receipts
  • Ensure spend compliance
  • Reduce the risk of corporate spend fraud

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