Is The Business World Well Placed for New Technology?

We live in a world consumed by smartphones, new technology and intelligence, which is critical to our connected lives, one in which people can talk, search, interact and buy in real time.

The future is digital. So, how will it change the business world?

We live in a world consumed by smartphones, new technology and intelligence, which is critical to our connected lives, one in which people can talk, search, interact and buy in real time.

We’ve come to expect the same frictionless experience we have online and on our phones in the real world. Paying virtually, either by tapping our phone or buying something at the click of a button, is something we demand. We no longer carry a card, as cashless payments have become the norm. Yet the business world has been slow to capitalize on these opportunities.

Powerful problems drive powerful solutions.

Within the business sector, some potential problems are yet to truly surface, but we already know there are growing issues. A recent report carried out by Conferma Pay highlighted the amount of personal financial risk employees take on behalf of their companies.

The findings showed that employees are effectively ‘lending’ companies $1.6 billion a month through late expense payments in the US. The findings identified that a fifth of employees in the US would stop spending on a business payment if they had to wait a significant amount of time for reimbursements, namely due to personal cash flow issues and stress.

Not only does this mean that companies theoretically face employee retention issues causing them to incur substantial resource and time costs, but business suppliers, such as travel agencies, stationery providers, office equipment suppliers and businesses within the hospitality sector are losing out on potential revenue in lost sales.

It’s currently a hidden issue, but it is one that can damage a business and is set to grow in the commercial arena if a solution isn’t made available quickly. Yet solutions do exist, however the corporate world still operates one step behind the consumer world.

Embarking on a digital business world.

Our world is full of screens. They’re in our hands, purses, pockets and bags, next to our bed when we’re asleep and we surround ourselves with screens on our desks and workspaces. So, why not make business life easier with a digital transition. It solves numerous problems, it adds convenience, efficiencies and is significantly more cost effective.  It’s what we have come to expect as consumers so why not in a business arena?

If you don’t want to get left behind – It’s important to be flexible, think creatively and embrace changing technologies.

Simon Barker is Founder and CEO of Conferma Pay, responsible for executing the company’s strategic vision of ‘powering business payment forward’. He has led the business to global success and is now recognised as a key influencer and speaker within the sector.

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About Conferma Pay

Conferma Pay is a global financial technology company. We design and integrate virtual payment systems that provides a more efficient, seamless and secure way to pay for for businesses.

Travel Meets Payment

Conferma Pay was born in Manchester in 2005. Since then we have connected over 700 TMCs, and directly integrate with all the major GDSs and OBTs. Our roots lie in corporate travel payment integration.

We enable our payment providers to flow virtual cards into the preferred purchasing process of any business travel buyer. Crucial to this is our network of banking partners, who have issued virtual cards in over 200 countries, in 40 currencies with over 45 commercial banking partners via all major card networks.

Our ecosystem continues to expand to meet the growing requirements of our global customer base.

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