Focused Analysis of Key Virtual Card Metrics

Gain strategic leverage for your hotel with insight on business trip bookings. 

Focused Analysis of Key Virtual Card Metrics

Gain strategic leverage for your hotel with insight on business trip bookings.

Access your hotel insights

To join the thousands of hotels within our network, register your preferred communication method as secure email (instead of fax) and receive the hotel insights each month.

Understand virtual cards

Hotel Insights is an overview of your hotel`s business travel bookings made with Conferma Pay virtual cards. Included in the insights:
1. Total number of bookings - how many bookings your hotel received that were made with virtual cards.
2. Total amount billed - this is the total transaction value billed and presented by currency.
3. Total outstanding amount - this is the total transaction value of virtual cards provided to your hotel that have not yet been charged.
4. Top customer - the TMC(s) that have booked your hotel the most.
5. Top distribution channel - the booking platform(s) used to book your hotel the most.

Gain Strategic Leverage

Measuring the success of your payment channel gives you the extra leverage to identify and manage the supplier relationships that are right for your business. With powerful insight hotels are able to quickly identify opportunities and explore potential new revenue streams or areas that require attention. Conferma Pay is the leading payment provider that large corporations use for travel booking. We offer hotels part of our network strategic leverage and support with the management of virtual cards.


No action is required, however you may wish to review the data received if an outstanding amount is shown.

If there is an outstanding amount showing that your hotel has not yet billed for, it is possible that there is an unpaid reservation. However, this may show if a reservation was cancelled and the card was not, or an alternative payment method has been used to settle the account.

If there is an outstanding amount that has not been billed for, you will need to contact the TMC that made the reservation.

You will need to contact the TMC that made the reservation, if you are unable to locate the name of the TMC, the Conferma Pay support team will be happy to help with this at

No, however if you need to update any of your property details or communication address please contact our support Team at

To update your hotel details or communication preference please contact our support team at

Prepare for the contactless guest experience

It’s well known that many leading hotels are hoping guests will use their mobile apps to control their experience. Companies are looking to contactless systems in response to the pandemic and corporate travellers are increasingly opting to pay using virtual cards. With the help of innovative technology hotels are able to transform the interaction with their guests, secure higher booking volumes and faster payments from the channels specialized in managed business travel.

Make the best of virtual cards for corporate hotel booking

For hotels coming back at low occupancy levels, efforts at introducing contactless practices provides a number of essential benefits. From a guest point of view, virtual cards offer a fast, contactless experience, particularly at check in and check out. Virtual cards are sent directly to your hotel so contact with the business traveller is minimized. For hotels a virtual payment process is the antidote to long invoicing cycles ensuring automatic payment at check out as well as a key solution to the acute challenges around fraud and data protection.

Receive Key Insights

To access hotel insights choose secure email for your booking communication.

Gain Strategic Leverage

Identify opportunities, manage client relationships, improve cashflow.

Prepare for Contactless

Embrace innovative technology to transform the interaction with guests.