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Last week we hosted a fundraising day in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

The charity provides emotional, physical and financial support to people with cancer and the cancer workforce as well as funding cancer care research.


At Conferma Pay, we are committed to our charity work, and this is just one of many events we plan to do in the future and beyond having recently set up an internal committee to drive charity initiatives.

It was a day that brought out the competitive nature of our team from Conferma Bake Off to Guess the Baby pic and more, there were several chances to donate and get involved… and our team did just that.

Congratulations to the winners…

Name the Teddy – The lucky winner was Sean McEnroe

Guess the Baby – The lucky winner was Nikki Spedding (perhaps her almost 17 years of service was an advantage)

The Paper Aeroplane Challenge – The lucky winner was Marwan Harb with an impressively engineered paper plane (which even beat John’s ‘UFO’ attempt)

The Conferma Bake Off – The lucky winners were Alex Heywood for best tasting and Stina Ratsepp for best looking, with Nikki Spedding coming in as a close runner up.

We also ran a grand raffle with prizes including a signed Manchester United shirt, tickets to The Crystal Maze Live Experience, a Coronation Street set tour, a bottle of Moet and more, all donated by Conferma with all proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Conferma Pay Head of HR, Sarah Burton said “We are pleased to announce that we managed to raise £560 for a great cause. Thank you again to everyone for their generosity and for making the Macmillan fundraiser a success.”

Want to add to our grand total? Visit the Conferma Pay Macmillan fundraising page

Thinking of doing something similar? Check out ways to donate here

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