CIBT Travel Payments Integration

Conferma Pay has partnered with CIBT Visas to integrate an end-to-end payment solution from its network of TMC and banking partners. Any transaction paid for with a virtual card is settled directly by the company and can be automatically populated in Conferma Pay Snap.

Enriched data

Get consistent, automatically reconciled reporting data with every transaction into your preferred Expense Management Tool.

No reimbursements 

Free your employees and non-employees from paying for business expenses with their personal card

Improved controls

Apply real-time spend control to restrict payments.

Solution Factsheet

Automated reporting

Virtual card payments can be fed directly into automated expense reporting systems at point of sale. That leaves fewer expenses to be reclaimed retrospectively after the trip, saving time for travellers and finance admins alike.

Rich data 

Virtual cards give your company a clear audit trail, through the unique ID of the card number, of exactly who paid for each purchase. You can bolt large and varied data fields on to each virtual card to give Travel Managers, purchasers and CFOs alike the detailed management information they need.

Centralised view

Get a centralised view of pre-trip expenses in one place.  Bring more travellers pre-trip expenses under the umbrella of corporate payment solutions through virtual cards.

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